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Buscemi Construction was established in 1995 by owner and founder Joe Buscemi.  For Joe, it has always been about creating and making the impossible happen, making the old new and fixing the broken.

As a young boy, Joe enjoyed working hands on with his grandfather, who had a long and enjoyable career in construction. At this young age Joe knew he would follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and get his general contractors license and establish his own construction company. 

While in high school Joe wasted no time learning trades and quickly making his way into the construction community.  He worked as a plumber during his junior and senior years in high school.  He took wood shop – twice and he was commissioned by various teachers to build desks and bookcases during his time in high school.

In 1995, Joe received his general contractors license.  He can still recall the feeling and excitement when he had accomplished this task.

Buscemi Construction prides itself on dong the job right the first time.

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